brain overflow

"emoji knife @ all men" -@fleshriots

concert prep.

one of The Best songs in the whole world.  also has one of my favorite song lyrics:

soll ich’s wirklich machen oder lass ich’s lieber sein? jein
(should I do it or should I leave it alone? yes and no)

ok one more

look at how mushy and wonderful these lyrics are:

So to speak
You are the aim of a long journey
The perfection of the best kind
In silent moments quiet
The crest of the wave of enthusiasm
Uphill, my actuation and drive

I just wanted to tell you
That you are the best for me
And make sure if you feel the same for me
Same for me

So to speak
You are my chill-out-area
My holiday in every year
My sweets department in the supermarket
The solution when something’s not working out
So valuable that one likes to save it up
And so beautiful that one does not want to go without

this is one of the most satisfying angry songs i have in my itunes, it is so so so so so so so so good
he is rapping about his neighborhood




real flowers and emoji flowers

omg i didn’t notice

this fucked me up

listening to a mix from 2004… damn.

my friend and i sang this song for 3 hours straight on the flight to Germany for our student exchange
anyway, I don’t talk to this girl anymore
but I will always associste this song w that flight